Rodney Taylor
Rodney TaylorCo-Owner

I started my CrossFit journey in 2012 and it has been the best form of fitness that I have found. All through high school, I played basketball so I was always active and never had to really worry about my weight. While I was in college I started playing basketball less and less as I got closer to graduation.

By the time I graduated I was well over 300 pounds and couldn’t believe that it had happened so quickly. Knowing that I need to get healthy I tried every workout video series that was popular between 2010 and 2012. While they helped get some of the weight off I found myself getting bored with the workouts. One day I was driving by a CrossFit gym on my way to go for a walk and I wondered how could they have such a big crowd to workout at 5:30 in the morning. A couple of weeks later I decided to join one of the classes and it was the hardest thing I had ever done. For some strange reason, it had me hooked and I’ve been doing CrossFit since then. In 2014 I decided to go get my CrossFit Level 1 training certification, so I could help give back the gym, Crossfit FFTC, that had changed my life. I hope to help other people change their life here at CrossFit Mix just like mine was changed the first day I did CrossFit.
Kenny Woods
Kenny Woods Co-Owner

I grew up playing multiple sports through my childhood. Once adulthood began I stopped training and started just “working out”. After years of not getting the results from my local gym, I decided to give Crossfit a shot. From the first class, I was instantly hooked, for the first time in years I was training again versus just “working out”.

As I continued to train I started to learn more and more about how to properly care for my health through nutrition, conditioning, body control, range of motion, and weight lifting. After years of training, I decided to become a coach to give back, to me there is nothing better than helping a member reach their full potential. I remember what it was like in the beginning of my journey and I love being in the position to help people reach limits that they thought were impossible. That to me is the best part of Crossfit, you may start out as a stranger in a class but you quickly realize that you are part of a team of people trying to better themselves!

Christine Schumann
Christine SchumannCoach/Marketing Director

In 2013, I was trying to get my life together.  I was at a point where I would party and go out with friends every single night.  I started to work out at a fitness gym and one day my cousin asked me to come try out a CrossFit class.

My first day at CrossFit I died during the warm, I couldn’t breathe, and my legs felt like they were going to collapse at any point.   I had never participated in sports or anything athletic so my first week was miserable.  I remember not being able to sit down or lift my arms above my head but something in me wanted to get back there every day.  Everyone in the CrossFit community was so nice and uplifting.   Their desire to see me finish the workout or go at a quicker pace made it all worth it.  I slowly begin to realize the people I called my friends were not happy about my lifestyle change.  It made me realize these strangers who I worked out with everyday wanted to see me improve and get better which was so different from my “friends” who kept dragging me down the wrong path.  Today I wouldn’t be the person I am or be where I am in life without CrossFit.  It was a huge eye opener to know that these people who were once strangers become friends and now family to me.  Each and every day they want to see people succeed and become better.
The main reason I wanted to be a coach was to encourage people that they can do this.  It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are.  It does matter how old you are  There are NO excuse to great.  Everyone has to start somewhere and I love seeing people improve!  Even if it is something as little as not being able to bend over and tie your shoes to being able to do a full squat.  Hitting a huge PR (personal record) regardless of what how big or small is awesome.  That’s why CrossFit is so important to me; it helps people in everyday life situations physically and mentally.
Riley Atchinson
Riley AtchinsonCoach

I think CrossFit Mix is a family. A place where people come to share in their struggles and successes. A place where people come to decompress from the stress of their regular day.

Henry Avila
Henry AvilaCoach

Henry Avila 45I have been doing CrossFit 5 yrs I am 45 years old, a father, believer, masters athlete. I attend Renewlife Church where is serve as a Kids Church leader . Phllp 4:13 Just knew at the beginning of last year that I had to be a part of Mix CrossFit . So blessed to be a part of a family they believes in me .

Favorite thing about CrossFit is that it helped me come out of a broken low place in my life to seeing how a awesome community of people that encourage and support you to be the better than yesterday to push through tough obstacles and get true it . Great support. Favorite part of coaching being there when an athlete works hard and see them PR and to celebrate them

Sabrina Barber
Sabrina BarberCoach

I have been an athlete since I was introduced to soccer at the age of 8. I played all the sports in school and stayed really active until I torn my ACL in college.

After I had my daughter I was at my heaviest weight with a bum knee, little self confidence and so unhappy. How could have I let myself go like this? My brother invited me with him to workout at a local box and it was by far the hardest thing I had done in years. I didn’t want to go back. After having my son I quickly realized I needed to start moving if I was going to keep up with my kids. I told myself I would never allow myself to be a sideline mom. I wanted to be able to play with my kids at the park, swimming, bike riding or whatever it was. I wanted to be physically capable of picking both of them up if I had to. So I decided to try CrossFit again but my “Why” which was my kids motivated me to stick to it! Then my “why” grew into something bigger! It was now the hour I took out of my day to work on ME! Just me, not my husband not my kids but the time set aside to work on being the best me, the healthiest me which has overflowed into being a better mom and a better wife. For me CrossFit was an answered prayer, it was a huge part in coming out of depression and is helping me live my best life! Quite honestly 21 year old me could never keep up with me now!

Leinani Taylor
Leinani TaylorCoach

In 2013 I began my CrossFit journey. I had just given birth to my second little boy and joined my husband for a CrossFit workout. My first introduction was a station EMOM with V-Ups, Wall Balls, and Double Unders. As it turns out, I was not prepared for the 20-minute workout and gave up at minute 14. It took me two days to want to go back.

From there I decided to go twice a week. During that time I got pregnant with our third little boy. Turns out this is when I began to love working out. The encouragement you receive while working out and being pregnant is amazing! After my third was born I found a sweet group of noon mommies who encouraged me at the gym and in life. These ladies helped me to want to show up, want to try new movements, and helped me to give my all.
This year I attended the Crossfit L-1 course to help coach at CrossFit Mix alongside my husband and five other fantastic coaches. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be helping others in fitness.  I know I will never be an elite CrossFit athlete, but I want to show others that there is something about being with a class of people who want to see you win.  There is something about seeing someone get their first rope climb, first pull up, first handstand push-up, or hit a new personal best. It’s that feeling you get when you are dying when you are done but you know you pushed your body and your neighbor is dying right next to you. It’s coming home to my three little boys who squat with broom sticks or do wall walks for fun. That is why I CrossFit!